Do you offer Mobile Service?

Due to short staffing, we do not provide mobile service but we can offer to pick up and drop off your vehicle as an alternative. There is a $25 minimum fee for this service and it would have to be approved by management prior to booking.

How do you Price Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction/Scratch Removal, Touch Up Paint, Window Tinting, Or PPF Service?

We would have to give you a written estimate after bringing the vehicle onsite for inspection.

Do you provide Fleet Cleaning or Dealership Services?

Yes, we provide fleet cleaning and dealership service but we would need to come onsite to give you an estimate.

Do you provide Paintless Dent and Upholstery Repair?

Yes, we are partnered with reputable companies that come to our site to perform services.

Which size vehicle do I have?

Two-door vehicles are considered Coupes.

Four-door vehicles are considered Sedans.

Two-Row Passenger SUVs/Cross Over or Trucks are considered Mid-Size Non-Sedan Vehicles.

Three Row Passenger SUV’s/Vans or Trucks are considered Large Non-Sedan Vehicles.

Dually/Work Trucks, Semi Trucks, Sleepers, Day Cabs, Tow Trucks are considered Commercial Vehicles. (Need to inspect the vehicle before quoting price)

How long have you been in business?

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Supreme Finish Auto Detailing has been producing quality work and happy clients since 2013.

Are you a certified detailer? 

Yes, our owner and staff are certified and trained detailers.

Is your business insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

How do I make an appointment for Auto Detailing?

The best way to make an appointment with Supreme Finish is to follow our booking protocol. Simply click on the button on our homepage that says “Book Now” or simply click HERE. Once at our booking page, select the service that you desire, and book an appointment on the date of your choice.  You can also call our customer service team at 919-794-7261 to schedule an appointment by phone. There will be a 25% deposit required to guarantee your service. If you do not pay the deposit then the appointment will be considered a walk-in.  Confirmed Appointments are given the first priority.

What forms of payment does Supreme Finish Auto Detailing accept?

We accept Debit/Credit Cards, Cash, or online payments. There is a 4% customer service fee for any Debit/Credit or electronic payments but we are allowed to waive the customer service fee with Cash Payments. NC Sale Taxes may apply to products sold.