There are several different types of ceramic coating that you can use for your car. Let Supreme Finish help you decide which is the best ceramic coating to use on your vehicle. Our shop has trained and certified installers to professionally install a long-lasting Ceramic coating to your vehicle. This invisible coating is applied directly on top of your vehicle’s paintwork. This protective layer acts like a shield not only preventing scratches but also water damage, debris, bird droppings, and fading so that your car is protected and looking clean!

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a 9H chemical substance that bonds on your clear coat with the ability to provide your vehicle with clear paint protection. We use an advanced chemical substance by System X that bonds to the car’s surface so that the protective layer isn’t affected by weather conditions and contaminants such as acid rain, salt, tar, etc.  Ceramic coating is worth it in the long run as it lasts years. Not only that, ceramic coating repels dirt and water so it’s easier to clean your vehicle exterior with no damage!