1. 5 Star Review

    Highly recommend! I've had my car detailed at other places but it has never been as clean as it is now. They were able to get out stains and scratches that previous detailers could not and were there when I purchased my car. I really appreciate how precise and detailed these guys were in get every nook and hard to reach spot.…Read More

    Valerie Stevens
  2. 5 star review

    Top-notch service! We bought a used car for my soon to be 16 yr old and brought it to Kentrell, solely on the reviews. We drove from Holly Springs to North Raleigh for a full interior and exterior detailing. Fantastic job! My expectations were far exceeded. They even took my car in on Sunday to accommodate schedules. Great small business to support.…Read More

    Alex Medina
  3. 5 Star Review

    I am very impressed with the results after having my Mustang Ceramic Coated. The paint has a prestige finish that caught my eye from the parking lot. The paint is smooth and most importantly protected.…Read More

    Dustin Harris