We all love our cars. And why not? Cars are awesome, before cars, people had to ride horses, (or llamas on occasion), and keeping a horse clean presents many more issues than keeping a Chevy clean. At Supreme Finish, we are dedicated to keeping your vehicle much cleaner than any horse or llama you have ever ridden. So if you are in the Cary, North Carolina area, it is time to saddle up and finally get that vehicle detailed by the professionals.


Generally horses can be considered a big hairy waste of money. The resale on a used horse is not what it once was, before the advent of the automobile. The owner will have to spend thousands on food, training, getting rid of the *ahem* waste, and general vet bills. Of course, if you do not have a huge piece of land, you have to find a place for the fella to live, and just like that, you are spending thousands on room and board. Factor in the time that you will spend with the horse and that can add up really fast. So you are throwing money away on a horse, cleaning it, feeding it, and spending time with it. Now don’t get us wrong, horses are amazing animals and definitely have their place, but not as a primary form of transportation. Keeping a horse in the 19th century meant you had good reliable transportation, just feed it some oats and give it a brush and you were off. As transportation evolved, so did our sense of convenience. Eventually, we did not even need to think about preparing to drive our cars to our destination, we just take it for granted that reliability is a given. What does owning a horse and a car have in common? Simple, they both need proper grooming to be their best. Think of Supreme Finish as a mobile groomer for your car! Keeping your car or truck in prime condition means having it detailed on a regular basis, just like brushing your horse. A properly groomed horse is easy to spot, as is a properly detailed car.


There is a saying in the hot rod world that a clean car is actually faster. Is this true? Probably not, at least not at responsible speeds. Over the course of use, a vehicle collects “momentos” of its owners, you know, things like dead skin, hair balls and toenails(!). Not only is this gross but your steering wheel is probably almost as dirty as this keyboard I am using. Most of us spend an average of over an hour a day in our cars. Many of us choose to eat in our vehicles during this time as well. We get it, everyone is busy and nothing is better than a cheeseburger while weaving through Raleigh traffic. But those seeds on the top of the bun, yeah, we see them in most of the cars we detail. Having your car detailed and washed is a major hassle and if you are eating corn dogs on your way to your destination, chances are you don’t have much time to take it to the detail shop. That is precisely why Supreme Finish is offering mobile detailing and power washing. We take the hassle out of having a clean car. No more driving to the car wash and waiting in line, no more making a detailing appointment only to cancel because something came up, you have more to worry about than a clean car. Mobile detailing is the answer. Simply make an appointment and we will wash and detail your vehicle right where it is, we come to you!


While owning a car is much easier than taking care of a horse, they both have their requirements. If you want to get the most out of your horse, it needs regular brushing and care. If you want to get the most out of your car or truck, regular washing and detailing will go a long way. A clean vehicle is likely to receive a much higher resale value and get much more for a trade-in on a new vehicle. Much like anything, what you put into your vehicle (or horse) will benifit in the long run. So contact us today for your quick quote and we will be in touch shortly. We thank you for your business and look forward to helping you have the cleanest car in the stable.